Linda Eliasen is your friend in design

A li'l about me

I started my career drawing cartoons and aspiring to be a visual storyteller when I accidentally landed in tech in 2009 at Mailchimp. As an early employee, hired to draw chimps on t-shirts, bananas on everything, and send talking plush dolls into space, I learned the significant role a strong and weird Brand can play in the success of a company.

After working with start-ups, unicorns, and agencies, I've picked up a unique set of skills that allow me to help companies find their vibe. What makes a brand unique in a homogenous market? How can a company stand out in a way that's true to who it is deep down?

We all have a personality, and it takes a little courage to wear it out loud. I like helping people, founders, and companies, do just that ☺

Creative Direction
Art Direction
Brand Design

Things I do

Team stuff

I help companies piece together the just-right Brand team, as hiring is a thing I'm pretty great at.

brand stuff

Whether just getting started or tenured, I help founders identify their brand's core principles and strategize for right-sized brand evolution.

creative stuff

I guide creative teams towards imaginative and creative worlds, with business goals and brand strategy as guiding beacons.

leadership stuff

I manage, coach, and mentor the creative people at a company, making sure they have the support they need to do their best work.

company stuff

It's possible to get a little better together every day. Every company has its own set of challenges, but working together doesn't have to be one of them!

tech stuff

I help designers and teams simplify big complicated tech things down to clear moments that resonate with customers.

What I'm up to

I'm currently working with intentionally focused companies to help them identify their brand purpose. I love working in the productivity space, with nice people and weirdos. If you'd like to work together, don't hesitate to reach out.